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    Hello off-grid network and thank you for taking the time to read this post :)

    My friend and I are about to embark on a big social project to convert a double decker bus, into a co-working/play, mobile adventure community space. It is being designed for a group of life’s doers and go get’ers called the Yes Tribe! Please feel free to look up, or better still join, at

    So it begins…

    I work as an engineer/fitter by trade and so have a fair amount of experience in tackling most things hands on and practical. The one area of knowledge that I am most definitely lacking in though is the tech side of how to power this thing! I have begun research into the subject and most of what i am learning now seems to be angled at camper van or mobile home living. I imagine the principles will be similar but the power usage of our project will most probably be bigger and less consistent.

    Our intention is to park the bus on a plot of land for most of the time, to allow access for the tribe to come out to work, play or simply gather and hatch life plans in beautiful natural surroundings. It will also travel to events, festivals etc where power may be available but ideally we would like this to be an off grid set-up to really harness the freedom of it being on wheels!

    So the big question is this, how do we do it?!

    At the moment we are playing with the idea of solar panels, possibly a collapsible wind turbine, and a back up generator (for low power occasions) which, would all tie into a battery bank. I am aware that calculations need to be made in regards to our daily power use but for now I just wanted to get some experienced advise on whether we are on the right track or heading for cloud cuckoo land!!

    Any thoughts at this point would be greatly appreciated…

    Thanks again good people x



    If you have a basically flat roof and you don’t plan to use it as an upper deck, you might consider something like this..

    I use Unisolar panels myself. (Unisolar 64’s) They are going on 16 yrs. old and still work as good as new. The product in the link is old stock but I would trust it.

    The roll on style wasn’t very popular but perfect for your application. Any framed type panel could be damaged by vibration/movement, IMO..

    I could operate my entire home with the above system, being I only have 512 watts currently. I paid $5/watt when I purchased my system, just for the panels!



    Ooh I like it alot… need biodiesel too???  A friend wanted to do the same thing back in the 90’s for a punk circus thing and that got him into making biodiesel (trystate biodiesel it’s called I think now).   I met him because I was on a similar journey.  Being that we have British family that was born a couple generation ago into the traveler world we decided to get started in england where loads of people already live in trailers, trucks and buses.  The plan was to find artists like us to traver around europe from town to town in a caravan of art workshops and musicians teaching our art and antertaining!   Check it out here.

    We ended up coming back to the states for various reasons but we are still making the project reality by starting with a “basecamp” kind of thing that will havelots of space for people building out their motors or making large scale art structures for festivals or whatever….  Look at this project here


    Good luck and please keep us updated… if you’re in the New York area give us a shot maybe we’ll already be set up enough to receive guests!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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