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    Hello there, I’m from finland and I’m very interested off-grid living.

    How to start, where to live, everything.

    I do not own land, and In finland there is strict rules to build, land owning, and land use.I have no money and i have debts.And no work and hard to get work.Living in finland is expensive. For me it could maybe be better in other land.

    But I don’t know where. And how.



    Hello Sonja, have you ever considered trying off the grid abroad?




    I, myself, have been experiencing the same rush of pent up emotions, wondering about different lifestyles, from a suburban southwest US perspective.  Escaping a dull, half-fulfilled life in a corporate planned subdivision.  I’ve done much research, posting, and tendril sending to settlements referred to as eco-villages, co-houses, etc.  I’ve come to the pithy conclusion I am very unprepraed for such a life.  As such, I am taking a long sabbatacle from the suburban doldrums, taking stock of my skills, and traveling solo, as lightly as possible.  Living as a hunter gatherer, as we refer to them.  A modern hunter gatherer.  I have lived thusly, as a car driver, a restaurant afficionado, an  art expert, a computer expert.  And…I’ve just lost interest in living like that all of the time.  Perhaps, after a long sojourn away from one’s everyday routine, one might find the answers one is looking for.

    My advice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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