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    Nick Rosen

    Hi there,

    I have visited this site many times and recently decided to join, however, I seem to have problems with some of the features. Does anyone else have this issue?

    I am a 55 year old retired construction worker living on my pension. I am a widower of 10 years and like the freedom this life allows me. I’m looking for about an acre or so on which to live. Preferably in the Four Corners region. I’ve read cautions about “High Plains” winters, etc, that is not a worry as I used to live in Wyo. and am familiar with the climate. Off-grid living isn’t the easiest lifestyle, yet I have lived it periodically. My last adventure in off-grid was aboard a 30′ boat anchored off the coast of Florida. Unfortunately, it was sunk by a tropical storm.

    For the most part I am a quiet individual, preferring solitude. I would be interested in a shared land venture or possibly renting a quiet piece of land on which to build an eco-friendly 200-300 sq ft cabin, raise a few chickens, garden,etc. Simply put, I’m sick of the urban rat race. I would be interested in suggestions and offers from like minded people.


    Hello~I just bought 4 acres in the Ozarks~it is partially cleared in 2 spots for a cabin or home~I also lived in Wyoming,so I’m used to roughing it in the winter! I have seeds to plant, a chicken(pet) but want to get more-I am a survivalist for sure! I also have a 4 wheel drive~I would like to talk to you=more~I was hoping my kids would move up there with me-but they have small kids and don’t want to get that far from civilization!! I am just afraid for them, when the power grid goes down-and they are at the mercy of the roaches that come ou of the woodwork, in an Crisis!! I am wanting to build something that will be safe from solar flares- if there IS such a thing! then there is the coming polar shift~don’t guess there is much you can do abou that! anyhow=if you had thought about the mts in missouri-hit me up!

    Nick Rosen


    Yes, I am interested! Email me at

    I have numerous questions about your property, but will wait until I hear from you.

    Nick Rosen

    Hi rhumstruck,

    I just joined today. Yes, you are right, there are a few technical issues with this site. It is not you, I was a technical support agent in the past also. I posted to countrygurl and thought to post it here again, let me know what you think. I would love to send you a pic of the coop I built 95% alone, and blueprint I drew up for my wood stove. Building department workers are ignorant! he did not even know what the R value was!

    I did start to go a little OTG about 2 years ago, and I LOVE IT! I installed a wood stove, free heat, unending warmth and best cooking I have ever done! I started a garden with 10 raised beds from recycled lumber. Last year, I built a beautiful coop all from left over building materials acquired for free. My 12 “Girls” are a part of my family now. I thank them every day for the big beautiful eggs we all get to enjoy! Breakfast and lunch always at hand!

    I have 25 years of experience renovating homes, still have a few of my tools left, sawzall, table saw, circular saw, drills etc… You name it, I have done it! Plumbing, electrical, construction, roofing etc….My daughter tells me I am, “tiny but mighty”! very versatile and physically able at 55 to accomplish anything. Only sad thing she is a special ed teacher and will not move with me.

    I live on a lovely farm in New Jersey too close to NYC. I do not want to stay in New Jersey!!!!!! for many reasons. I am very interested in getting more information from you on your offer. John Moore a host on RBN lives near by you and I had contacted him about relocating to MO. Is there some kind of housing there if one relocates? While working there? What would be the cost? Would there be somewhere for my chickens to stay, as I have a nice transport cage for them.

    The 10 Wonders of a Wood Stove!

    1- At least (it is a start) you are off the grid for heating bills! I love not sending my money to the gas company! NO Heating bills! This will be my 3rd winter coming up! It has paid for itself before the first season!

    2- No worries or anxiety if the power goes out as in the past! (NO need for power) I am ready for the “Blizzard, or what ever” let it come on! I will be warm and have hot delicious food! My pipes will not freeze!

    3- Cooking! the best I have ever done! so simple and easy, cheaper grass fed cuts of beef turn out like filet mignon! This past Christmas dinner was the best I have ever made! Very picky eaters at my home raved about this meal! all done on my wood stove! I am not usually the best cook!

    4- Ambiance of a slow bright fire glowing! exuding such warmth, an extreme pleasureable human feeling felt for eons! Great for the soul; so comforting and relaxing!

    5- Benefits of finding and securing your wood supply! I live on a farm and dead trees downed are cut and recycled for fireplaces and wood stoves at no cost to his many friends! The owner of this farm replaces all downed with new alive trees! Thus continuing the rule of nature! Replace what is lost in nature and all be be well!

    6- Exercise and physical health! Yes! it is work getting the wood to your home, cutting it down to size for the stove and then stacking it close to the door! cleaning and removing the ash as the wood is burned. Is a continued effort on one’s part for the winter months, but well worth the reward of health and mental awareness of getting a little bit off the grid! and saving and alot of money.

    7- Wood ash! 10 amazing uses- De-skunk pets. A handful rubbed on Fido’s coat neutralizes the lingering odor. Hide stains on paving. This Old House technical editor Mark Powers absorbs wet paint spatters on cement by sprinkling ash directly on the spot; it blends in with a scuff of his boot,

    Enrich compost. Before the organic compound get applied to soil, enhance its nutrients by sprinkling in a few ashes, says the host of radio’s You Bet Your Garden, Mike McGrath. Adding too much, though, ruins the mix. Block garden pests. Spread evenly around garden beds, ash repels slugs and snails. Melt ice. TOH building editor Tom Baker finds it adds traction and de-ices without hurting soil or concrete underneath. Control pond algae. One tablespoon per 1,000 gallons adds enough potassiumm to strengthen other aquatic plants that compete with algae, slowing its growth,

    Pump up tomatoes. For the calcium-loving plants, McGrath places 1/4 cup right in the hole when planting. Clean glass fireplace doors. A damp sponge dipped in the dust scrubs away sooty residue.

    Make soap. Soaking ashes in water makes lye, which can be mixed with animal fat and then boiled to produce soap. Salt makes it harden as it cools. Shine silver. A paste of ash and water makes a dandy nontoxic metal polisher.,,1581470,00.html

    8- For women only: No need for a hair dryer! I just stand in front a foot away of my stove with the door a little open and bend over! in 3 minutes my very long hair is dried and soft! Saving on my electricity! or no need for it! Nail polish dries in a jiffy! just hold your hands a foot away and dry in a minute.

    9- No need to use your clothes dryer! I have wooden racks that I set up about a foot from my stove! In just one hour my Jeans and all laundry is dried and wrinkle free! Again saving on electricity! or no need for it!

    10- Dry your garden herbs! Tie bunches to a wood rack a foot away and over night they are done!

    Hope you enjoyed my wood stove wonders! Please contact me,

    Sincerely, Susan


    Some excellent tips Susan, I will insert one thing about this:

    For women only: No need for a hair dryer! I just stand in front a foot away of my stove with the door a little open and bend over! in 3 minutes my very long hair is dried and soft! Saving on my electricity! or no need for it! Nail polish dries in a jiffy! just hold your hands a foot away and dry in a minute.

    I will say that hair is flammable, and depending on what products you put on your hair (gel, mousse, hairsprays…) your hair could be VERY flammable, I would exercise great caution in putting your wet or dry hair near an open woodstove, also the same thing goes for nailpolish, that is also very flammable, I wouldn’t recommend drying hair or nail polish in this manner…

    I’m an old hairdresser so I know about these things, I used to sit and read the MSDS book about the various products in the salon, I’m also someone who lives off grid (since Dec 07) and uses a woodstove to heat and cook with… just my 2 cents. :)

    I’m copying this message on the other post you made with this same content.


    Nick Rosen

    Good point Wretha! Susan, why is that only for the ladies? I along with a lot of guys have long hair also, then again I just let it “drip dry” never have used a blow drier. But then again, I’m one of the most fashion unconcious people around! I think maybe I was born in the wrong century.

    Nick Rosen

    Hi Treasuregift,

    Please note that I said, a little open, I only open the door an inch or so. Hair is protected by glass door. And of course no sparks can spew out and you can feel what is comfortable heat to dry your hair. I do not use anything on my hair! Only organic mild soap to wash. But, Yes, Treasure hair is flammable as is everything else near a wood stove so one must always use common sense and caution, which you are right I should have incorporated this concern into article. Do you have a wood stove? I have safely dry my hair with mine, past 2 years.

    Yes Jeff! Many guys have long Hair! Sorry about this! I am old school baby boomer, girls had long hair, boys had short. Also I am most fashion unconscious also. I to was born in the wrong century, or sent back! to the wrong century.


    We have two wood stoves that also have cooking holes on top. We never use hair dryers because they are basically verboten when you are 100% solar, like we’ve been for 14 years.

    The wood stoves dry the air around them. Our minimally solar heated garage rammed earth/tire U module has one on a platform and wood stores under. We have a five line wall to wall retractable clothes line for winter drying in there, along with my guitars and amps (with a selective Prosine1000).

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