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    Jesse Souder

    Hello all! Like many others I have been drawn to living “off the grid” for sometime, and it has stuck with me. When I was married I had bought my second home and wasn’t happy, I just felt like there was more to life than getting married, having kids, and slaving to a mortgage that you didn’t really want. Anyway… I have been a professional chef for years and have the skills and mindset to feed myself and my girlfriend creatively, either by foraging, hunting, gardening, or raising animals. However, I know what to do with these things once they are in my hands… I haven’t actually done much of the like. Last Friday we purchased 10 acres in southern Missouri (just south of Lebanon) and it borders 1500 acres of conservation land. There are many creeks and wildlife in the area, and the property will not have water without a well or cistern. I plan to use a cistern as it is the cheaper water route. I have lots of clearing to do, but in the middle of the property are small clearings and old logging roads. If anyone has lots of advice, do’s and dont’s  and just general conversation please reply!



    Hi Jesse, that is super cool, so many people dream and never seem to get past that stage, you have taken a huge step. My hubby and I have lived off grid for 8 years now and have no regrets, well perhaps one, wish we had started earlier, but it’s never too late :)

    So, what are your plans? Are you going to build a place to live out there? How close are you to the land?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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