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    has anyone just wanted to leave everything behind? Im 19 and i have no direcetion in my life at all…. deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is tough to say the least. It’s not that im lazy, i just don’t want to do what everyone else does. I don’t want to wake up in the morning hating my job and having everyday just be another day. I want to live like we were supposed to. I dont like money id give it all away if i could. I simply dont want to do anything for the rest of my life…. like i said im not lazy at all. In fact I work almost everyday that i can and i dont mind work itself. I just dont want to be like everyone else…… any suggestions on what I could or any stories anyone could tell me for some direction?????

    Nick Rosen

    Join these guys..



    Hmm. Young, hardworking, wants to give money away…Well depending on whether you are gregarious or anti-social, you could either buy a plot of land/wood and build your own get-away-from-it-all home and make a living as and when you can/feel like it from charcoal burning/handmade furniture/odd jobs etc or join a commune and use money to get solar panels for the community… How about doing some work for a charitable organisation, for a while, maybe overseas, see a bit of the world and help others, get some life experience…Heck I could go on like this all day – always solving others problems, never my own…Anyway make a list of pros and cons and talk about it with those you care about or other pals in case they think of something you hadn’t. Funny at younger than your age I always felt that there were too many exciting things to do/learn in life to have time to work still did though…Good luck whatever you decide,

    ~ sunny

    Edited to add, buy a van/bus/whatever do it up and travel/live in it, see the country and write about it, take photos, write articles, a book sell them…get a tv series… beome famous…er..I’m beginning to see the er hole in this answer to the arguement for dropping out…d’oh!

    Ok, get some survivalist training – you got to know how to survive the winter – then find you new pad/wood/yurt/cave stock up on supplies from nature’s store and …disappear… hey Sherwood,your name, so i guess you are descended from a certain chap called Loxley eh? Ok so the woods are in your blood then, just er, go easy on the lincoln green tights ok?


    i am nineteen too, i have the same proble you do, and i understan exactly what you mean. i hate to do the same thing over and over agin. i just joined the army i leave on march 25th. i figure it will give me a chance to do something new and exciting. and after i get out i can get a good job and earn enough money to get my own place and find my own way in life. if you want to talk more e-mail me


    well your life is what you make out of it. I got tired of working everyday and doing the same old thing as well so 3 years ago i sold just about everything i did not need and moved to the Philippines. Its kinda a 3rd world country sometimes but it has a modern side to it in the metro area. But you can buy land with kills view that it unspoiled. we just built a off grid house but live a modern life. As for work i never been happier. a buy and sell on ebay and world on Old VW’s on the side.

    I am now living life at my own speed on my own terms

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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