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    new here, and in the process of building a grey water filtre using an old found water tank (metal).


    I’ve put in layers – starting with the bigger  hardcore at the bottom and finishing with sand, but when I just put a tester bowl through it came through dirtier than it went in – should I have washed all the hardcore etc??


    any other suggestions for making a good filtre?





    From Bob in Florida…what are you trying to do …get read of gray water or reuse it if you are not restricted by code ….talk to me…. will be working on the same thing this year …. fist will try a solar still to process 10 gallons a day to pure water ……. bob



    Yes, it would be best to wash all the rocks, gravels, and sand first.   Then it is gray water.  It has microbes and chemicals that sand will not remove in it.  For the rest of the way to drinking water it has to go through filters down to 1 micron and activated charcoal.  Then to a UV sterilization light, and pumped on to the pressure tank.



    Reply from Bob….so you want to drink your processed “Gray water”…… if you live in the USA ….I don’t think you can do it……code or health will not pass it…..the chances for contamination entering your system ….airborne mist , leaks , cannot be eliminated ….there are ceramic , silver/ copper , and heat sterilization ……California has the strictest gray water regulation ….Google them….in the end if  you are set on drinking it …please have it tested…… system will take it to .5mu run it into  a solar still , with a charcoal bed , the UV is in the sun light  plus some elevated temperature , store it in food grade fiberglass tanks , and have a small recirculator pump threw a silver exchange , then

    test it….good luck …. Bob .. .. Bunnell ,  Florida



    run your filtered water into a large tank and set lass on a slope over top, set the lowest edge of the glass into or over an eaves trough, as the sun shines thru the glass the water evaporates, leavin all contaminates behind, it will condensate on the under side of the glass and run down into the trough, there it can be collected and will be safe for drinkin



    there are ways to safely clean your gray water, best is evaporation.

    i posted a solar evaporation means a few years ago, i see its still here

    it may not be fast but it is cheapest and not hard to do

    mother earth news has shown the same process before, look it up

    as far as filtering for just household use… wash all filter media prior to adding it to your filter, and adding a layer of limestone and crushed charcoal will help a lot. just dont use briquets, they are threated with chemicals to light easier, make your own charcoal, its easy.

    best bet is to use an upflow system, water comes in under the filter and flows out the top. start with rocks or tile stone. put a piece of that material the road crews use, it lets water thru, nothing else, then add a layer of pea stone and another piece of that cloth. here would be best place for carbon/charcoal, another cloth, sand, cloth, limestone is last

    by raising your filter from the bottom of yur tank the bad stuff will fall down and can be backflushed out, the clean water runs out the top and overflows into your collector

    simple easy system, im gonna build one to clean rain water for my cabin

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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