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    I have finished the book, I do not think we can all have a lovely place, with great views out in the country but we could encourage more green campsites, green b&b setups, keep country pubs alive by visiting them, staying in their b&b style accomodation. If we feed cash into the countryside instead of flying abroard for our holidays it makes a difference !

    Visit off gridders and give em cash for camping so they can spend it ecologically, they are publicising a green approach by their very existance ?

    One can be more green in the city, use the library, oxfam, get an allotment, go to bed early so less electricity used for lighting, get a wind up lantern, use solar power to recharge batteries etc.


    If you give them cash will they not just spend it on more weed? ha.


    Caverdude, that remark just lost you whatever respect I had for you. We recently moved to a region where a high proportion of the population lives off grid. some of them having done so for decades. One couple I met have lived off grid for 30 years. Before he retired he worked for the government ministry of forestry management. She works in the library. Another guy breeds miniature horse and during the summer season guides tourists on trail rides. Some people run food gardens and sell produce at the farm gate. My wife’s uncle still runs the family homestead of grid. Another uncle runs a fishing resort also off grid. The terrain makes it too expensive to run gas pipes or power lines. Radio telephones and more recently cell phones is the only way to have communications. If you live on the wrong side of a mountain no amount of technology gives a solution. Horse back or 4 wheel drive is the only means of transportation and cargo hauling once you get away from the one and only highway. When the forestry industry collapsed some businesses were sucessful in changing to eco tourism. Don’t knock it! The nearest town now has several outfitter shops that provide tourists (some from over seas) with everything they need. Clothing, tents, bedding and cooking utensils. There are also several river rafting outfits advertising eco-tours. None of them smoke weed.

    The biggest number of police actions is dealing with drunken brawls originating with use of government approved and taxed legal alcohol but of course it’s not Politically Correct to call that drug abuse since the government makes big bucks in taxing it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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