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    I have used eBay off and on for years. Four years ago I got taken for on a $4 item that was charged $26 shipping, eBay waffled out on their buyer protection at the time claiming that they didnt cover items under like 5 or 10 dollars and didnt cover shipping. I’ve had something like 25 purchase/sales over probably 10 years. A very low volume person and most of that has been ham radio gear or game stuff for my kids.

    I got take big time last week. I have had a Trace Dr2412 for 10-12 years. I have been wanting to move up to a pure sine inverter. A few others I know that have been in renewable for a long time prosine 2’s were pretty good and that they had picked up surplus used ones on ebay.

    I had been watching for months, missed a few. The weekend of July 4th there was one in Everett, WA that was nearing finish. The seller said it ‘ he had tested it an it does what it is supposed to do’. The phrasing of that should have tipped me off.

    I wont the auction, paid with paypal. First he couldnt ship it right away because he was off on his boat and would not be home until the end of the week. He shipped it, it showed up late the next week.

    I opened it up, No nuts for the battery posts and no cord for between remote head. And I am thinking to myself and just how did this guy test it???

    Spent several hours sweating out in my power room swapping perfectly good msw inverter for the prosine. Turned the battery breaker on, the panel lit up and started spewing all kinds of odd and not good errors.

    First email exchange with him was, oh the guy that tested it for me just left on a multiweek boat trip and he is not answering his satellite phone.

    So I emailed the guys from my solar circles that had used these. Both their immediate responses were if it is throwing those errors send it back.

    Next email from the seller was then claiming ‘I have had a life or death family emergency and I cant deal with this problem right now.’ Sorry, that is 3 strikes in my book, obvoiusly wasnt tested properly, the ‘tester’ is unavailable, and now the seller is ‘unavailable’.

    Put my DR2412 back in place. and filed a dispute with ebay and paypal. Seller got ticked because I filed a dispute supposedly and it locked his funds which he used to transfer between canada and US. Supposedly his wife is in Los Angeles when this ’emergency’ transpired. He is using a US address for his Ebay address, but paypal transactions end up in a canadian bank.

    After rereading the ebay listing, he did not specify that he didnt take returns. However the first email from paypal or ebay stated that the seller doesnt take returns.

    Seller had offered me $300 to help repair it. I contacted Xantrex with s/n and symptoms and their support tech told me that s/n inverter is not repairable.

    To top it off PayPal conveniently states they can take 30 days to ‘render a decision’. I am so aggravated I need to go break boards(I”m a black belt). Seller is standing by his well it worked when it left here. It “must have been damaged in transit or the buyer broke it, he did say he worked on it”.

    My ‘working’ on it involved putting it in place of the DR2412, turning it on and seeing all the fatal errors along with going into the setup menu’s to see if there was something stupid set.

    Got a seller that is an electronic idiot, who supposedly had a friend test it and then turns around puts it on ebay and ships it.

    I have a BSEET in electronics and have worked with the stuff all my life. Did I say I was aggravated.

    I am wishing now I had just spent the extra money and bought a new outback sine inverter.

    Not sure where I will go with this if PayPal sides with the thief. I put it on a CC that I keep empty and pay off. PayPal’s feet dragging is going to put things in the time window where I would have already paid it off.

    ANyway, I needed to vent. I know I am done with ebay and paypal. REgardless of how this turns out I am done with them. This will be the second problem purchase I have had and in reading around on the web it is obvious that ebay and paypal do not really care.

    If you choose to use them, you have been warned.


    Marshall, IL


    Bob my condolences! Both about eBay and also about the choice of inverter brand.

    Sadly the word about Xantrex repair policy has not yet spread throughout the market place. Xantrex manufactures in China. They have no repair facility worth mentioning in North America. All returns are replaced with a different sample of the same model. After enough returns have accumulated they are packed up on a pallet and shipped back to the factory for ‘remanufacture’ The ‘reman’ products are then usd to replace further returns under warranty.

    I was let go from Xantrex many years ago because I told customers the truth when they phoned to complain about their Prosine 2.0 model which had a lot of problems when first put on the market.

    I have a Prosine myself and will not sell it to someone else because I just know it will come back to haunt me. I will live with the hiccups and malfunctions rather than give someone else my grief.

    Despite my own contacts within the company I could not get repair parts for a Prosine that blew up for one of my customers. (possibly due to a backfeed situation and a non warranty covered event)

    Because of my experience with Xantrex I have switched to using Victron, Outback or Magnum inverters because they have a better product and better service.


    I got my ProSine 1000 probably from the same guy. Took threatening to finally get it, but it works fine and I got a $700 machine for $400. I think the guy is a crook who steals them off the boat or warehouse. Same excuses, etc. for being late. I had to put in my own GFI outlet box on it, and the wiring was good enough for hooking into my sub-panel. Several others failed, of the modified square wave type, because they are made for hooking to a battery and not to a grounded standard electric system. I only use the PureSine for my guitar amps. I got another higher quality modified one with remote shutoff for my addition/garage after frying two and sending them back. Only the more expensive ones can take the neutral/ground commonality of a standard house wiring setup.


    Moguitar wrote: Only the more expensive ones can take the neutral/ground commonality of a standard house wiring setup.

    Good point! The idiocy of the center tapped neutral configuration is unique to north America

    This was done to save the cost of an extra wire not for sound technical reasons. This is why I design my inverter systems to avoid this problem. I use 230V european style inverters to drive heavy loads like pumps and air conditioners then step down the 230V to 120V for light loads like kitchen appliances. and utility plugs for light loads in rooms.


    I received an email from ebay tonight claiming that they are ruling in my favor.

    There statement is I need to send it back to seller with signature confirmation. But that it may take 48 hours for the information to show up on my ebay resolutions page because of the amount it requires management approval and it must be shipped within 7 days.

    Egads that is nice, except I am supposed to be going on vacation for 2 weeks Friday. May have to make room in the trunk and UPS it from the other side of the country. :(

    to moguitar, I dont suppose you remember the name of the street this ‘gent’ mailed from do you. I wont be so brazen as to compare names and house numbers. I figure if the street name happens to match though.

    If the glove fits :)


    Marshall, IL

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