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    I’ve been working with a cousin to get her diet cleaned up because of allergies, I spent about 15-20 minutes writing this out for her then realized it was pretty good advice for all of us, I had asked her what she was allergic to, turns out according to the tests she’s taken, she is allergic to most everything, here is what I wrote to her, so read and enjoy:

    OK, so basically your body is overreacting to everything, that’s all an allergy is, it’s your immune system going crazy and overreacting to things it should be ignoring… again I say, it’s time to clean up your diet, find the things that are lowering your resistance and challenging your immune system, the top things IMHO are processed sugar (white AND brown), HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), artificial sweeteners (aspartame and sucralose are the worst)… some people react to dairy, if you get phlemy when you drink milk, eat ice cream and such, then your body is reacting to the dairy. Cheeses and other processed or fermented dairy is USUALLY OK, things like yogurt (get a natural one, not one of the sweetened / fruit on the bottom / artificially flavored… add your own fresh fruit and flavors…), cheeses (real cheese), cottage cheese, sour cream and such are usually OK…

    If you drink soda, start working toward getting off ALL sodas, if you drink diet soda, stop that immediately, it’s NOTHING but a bit of colored water with a toxic mix of chemicals that are poisonous to every part of your body including your brain. I helped several people get off of soft drinks by having them switch over to club soda or seltzer, they add juice (real juice, 100% juice), just enough to flavor it, that way they get the bubbles they like with some flavor, but not all the other garbage that goes into it. Drink lots of water, get a filter if your water is fluoridated, which it probably is, or go to bottled water.

    Start there and see how your body reacts, I will tell you that it’s possible that you might get worse before you get better, but stick it out, try making one change at a time, and be strict, really stick to it no matter what, it’s easier to make small changes than it is to make major life altering changes, you are more likely to stick to it that way.

    Become a label reader, even foods that are touted to be “natural”, “healthy” and such will contain ingredients that are in fact, not good for you, my personal pet peeve is the yogurt section, yogurt is supposed to be healthy, and on its own it is, BUT the yogurt manufacturers take a perfectly good product and pollute it with artificial colors, fake flavors, sugar AND artificial sweeteners AND corn syrup… honestly to me, it doesn’t matter how healthy something is if they also put in toxins, poisons and such.

    Same thing goes for all the vitamin waters, water additives, bottled teas, bottled juices, and such, read the labels and prepared to be shocked at the garbage they include in these so called healthy drinks, if you can’t pronounce it, then you probably shouldn’t consume it.

    I know this is a lot to deal with, BUT so is what you are going through now, it’s your choice how you want your quality of life to be, you can either continue the way you are now, or you can start making choices that will make you feel better, physically AND mentally AND emotionally.


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