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    Hello! This being my first post I figure I should roll up the sleeves, and get down to the nitty gritty. While farming and food preservation is nice, being a singular nomad the concept is hard to act upon, with the changing seasons and migrating westward in the colder weather, finding viable ways to nourish myself has at times became difficult. I have my rationing system broken down to a collection of staples I keep with me, while doing the odd job here and there for extra funds and sometimes barter for vegetables. Produce being perishable I tend to eat it right away as I get it. However here are a few things found in my backpack:

    Protein suppliment: Usually soy, its light and weight and can provide an excellent source of protein on those days you couldn’t catch a fish.

    Peanut butter: Some use it for protein, what I find more valuble however. The CALORIES. Peter Pan Honey roast has about 200 calories per tbsp, and is sweet and delicious on its own if need be!

    Rice:: Sometimes you need something filling, a good pack of instant rice will keep you good and full as a meal on those not so productive days.

    Vitamins: Vitamins are fairly cheap, and aid in providing those nutrients you cannot get on a limited diet.

    Book on wild edibles and mushrooms: The woods being commonly where I hunker down, you can find a vast variety of small tidbits growing out of the earth you walk on. Sometimes you may stumble upon a growth of edible mushrooms, other times various leafy plants, even find some cat tails for their delicious starchy roots.

    Those are my basic food previsions. Mind you I do also hunt small game, as well as fish. Feel free of course to add anything you would like. Our mind is the best tool we have, and can always be upgraded.


    (Current location: Indiana, heading southward. Stay warm out there!)


    Thanks Nomad, that sounds like good advice! You can also do freeze dried foods, they are lightweight and don’t require refrigeration, you can get your protein (beef, chicken…) as well as fruits and veg…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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