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    There’s a notion that something can be expensive, or fancy or elaborate, and yet still be eco-friendly. This notion comes as a consequence of assembling cultural sound-bites. Many like the ideals of conservation and eco-friendliness, but have not altered their lifestyle to reflect the words and self-beliefs. In fact, it is consumerism itself, that has (collectively) devastated Earth. The term “affluenza” is one of a dozen similar euphemisms produced in the 21st Century that reflect this cold reality. Most Capitalists are concerned only with costs; the “if its cheap/free it must be good” mentality, is simpleton at best, and dangerous indeed! Websites and programs abound to magnify this issue. They are all linked at my website, but one of particular popularity, especially among teens is “the cost of cool”, and among tweens its “the story of stuff”. I invite anyone here to check them out. Yo0u would not be at this website if you were not a little concerned, and trying to learn more.


    interesting website. well said.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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