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    Sine Nomine

    _____I got a lil’ problem here, from yesterday afternoon to this morning (well, central European time anyway) I am trying to post a new thread in the general discussion section and every single time all I get back is “ERROR: Your topic cannot be created at this time.”
    _____Why is this? Is it because my post is four and a half pages long? Other forums never had problem with such or even greater length… So, what’s the matter? I promised in my Landbuddy listing I will be making this thread and so far, I am unable to, which isn’t particularly great. It is understandable if there are any issues with the forums, all I need to know, is if I am doing something wrong or there is an issue in the forum itself. Thanks for any feedback.


    Try breaking it up into several smaller posts, make a post then reply to the same post, or try writing a paragraph-post it-then edit it to add more… I checked and don’t see it in drafts or pending…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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