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    I’m potentially looking at buying some land just outside of London, and going off grid. So I’m doing my research, looking for contacts, and basically figuring out what I need to do.

    I’m single, 38 years old all the way from Australia/NZ (long story, not important). I can find the land potentially, and raising the capital for a home will take some time. It’s doable. The potential snags I can see is planning permission, and water supply.

    I want to get feedback from peeps who actually managed to achieve this in the UK. What resources do I need to start looking at etc. etc.

    I need to be relatively close to London, the majority of my work is there, though I do spend a lot of time away so this will be a consideration also.

    The idea is economical living, and owing as little money as possible for least amount of time.


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