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    Well its illegal now in most areas to shoot and kill dogs.  Though they usually don’t die from rock salt shot or bird shot. Still if someone was able to prove you shot their dog and only hurt it you are looking at a federal crime. That is unless its attacking your livestock.  You might consider an electric net fence. I think the fencing is somewhere around $70 for 140 feet or so. Pepper spray might be another non lethal solution. Bear spray. There are even motion sensing pepper spray devices sold for home security. I wouldn’t worry too much about a neighbor complaining about his dog coming back to him whimpering, crying and sneezing. Other methods might include use of dogs yourself, donkey’s and geese.


    As a single woman (widow) living off grid, I face many challenges. One that is more of an annoyance than anything is having to put up with other peoples dogs. I don’t have a dog, mostly because I have always been somewhat afraid of them. I live in a national forest and one of the many benefits of this lifestyle is enjoying the various wildlife on and near my property. Folks who live in the area seem to feel that since we are so far from town their dogs should get to roam free and not have to be penned up. Therefore from time to time their dogs come on my property. I have had them come on my porch, have seen them chase deer, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. When I speak to the owners about this their attitude is if I don’t want dogs on my place its up to me to fence them out. I can’t afford to fence off my property and even if I did I would also have to keep my driveway somehow dog proof gated as well. So what do you all think. In a very rural area like this is it up to the dog owners to keep their dogs at home or up to me to keep them somehow fenced out of my place?


    write a clean and nicely worded letter stating how you have tried unsuccessfully to be neighborly
    and how your neighbors have not responded in kind, make several copies of this letter
    mail one to each neighbor it concerns, one to the editor of your local paper
    and post one in a very visible location for public viewing

    include in this letter how since you have had no success being neighborly, tht the next
    infraction will result in the dog being caught and tied to await the arrival of the local
    animal control officer on the grounds that said dog is running free and chasing the wildlife
    while the owner does not seem to care

    im sure just stating this will solve the problem, if it does not, be prepared to catch the dog
    and make the needed call


    caverdude, in most states if you have seen a dog chasing wildlife or livestock it is not only legal to shoot the dog
    but it is also highly recommended


    I use an airsoft rifle. Doesn’t kill but dogs don’t like it much. Ammo is cheap and it sure makes them run. Gets their attention.. LOL

    I have free range chickens and rabbits. Lost some because of one of my neighbors dogs. I notified him in person of what is going on but it didn’t do any good. Purchased an airsoft rifle that shoots multiple BB’s like a machine gun. (5-6/sec.) Started peppering them  every time I seen them anywhere close! Took about 2-3 sessions but they know now that it’s not pleasant to come around these parts..

    Word association works! I yelled “Beat IT” every time I peppered them. Now if I yell, they scramble! They tested me a few times but not for a good while..

    During the summer, I usually have music of some kind playing softly outside. I leave the music on when I leave and the dogs think that I’m around so they seem to stay away. I haven’t lost any critters for a year or so..


    I agree, you shouldn’t have to deal with other people’s dogs, if you aren’t willing to shoot them, and I understand the many reasons why you wouldn’t do that, then getting some pepper spray and using it on them every chance you get, then spraying in a perimeter around your place every 10-15 feet will remind them that this isn’t the place to visit, the dogs going home with pepper spray on them will be unpleasant to the dogs as well as unpleasant to their owners.

    Getting a pellet gun or rifle will also deter the dogs, but the owners will not know about it, I’d prefer the pepper spray to begin with, then the pellet  gun if need be.

    Check the local ordinances, it’s possible that there ARE some laws against dogs roaming free.


    Good luck


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