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    Hi Folks,

    Im Dean, a newbie here :) I am in my mid 30s, single and have been considering leaving the ratrace and going off grid or semi-off grid. My body is aching due to sitting at a computer all day for 15 years and I feel I must make a change.

    I am looking at selling my house and buying some land with a cottage and giving off grid living a go but i have 2 major concerns…

    1. Will it be too lonley? Dont get me wrong I love my own company and happy to be by myself but living without neighbours and the daily contact of people might be a bit depressing? How do you guys deal with this?

    2. The weather. I live in N.Ireland. Yes its a beautiful place and I love it here but its cold! and wet all year round. I really think off grid living would be better suited to a warm climate. Whats your thoughts on this?

    Thanks for reading, look forward to chatting with you all.




    You know yourself better than anyone.  Would you be too lonely?  If you’re happy with yourself, you’ll be happier and you’ll definitely get into shape over a few months and feel like a new man.  I know because I used to be an engineer sitting behind a desk all the time.  My first three months here I couldn’t work any more than just 2-3 hours and would be so tired I would have to quit.  But after some time, my weight is good, I’m fit, can go all day, and I’m in my best shape at 54 than I’ve ever been my adult life.


    If it’s cold and wet most of the time and you want to be off grid, the solution is simple but costly.  If you get only 10% of a panel’s output in cloudy weather, then you will need ten times the panels in order to get the same output that you would have gotten in full sun.  The reason I moved to Colorado USA is because there is abundant sun year round, I’m at high altitude where it’s cooler, and I have great views – like the Swiss Alps!



    I’m not sure about the loneliness end of it, that’s why we’re looking at 18 acres right now that is 2 miles from a small town center and 15 minute drive to big suburbia shops.  We want to be off the grid but not off the earth…. Please take a look near New York City.

    As for Ireland there plenty of friendly travelers who can guide you on your way to get off the grid.  Most pikeys are good hearted and helpful in the ways of living off grid (in caravans and trucks) in the rain



    In many ways you probably will be too busy to be lonely. You can always set up a satellite to keep entertained. As much as living without anybody sounds cool, you never really ever can. Even Mick Dodge needs people… :-) You always need somebody sometime.  Other option is to move off grid with another couple to share work.

    Wet and cold is not a problem, the lack of sunshine could be a problem. Wet=dark and cloudy.

    I’ve been studying new LED Grow lights. Very efficient. Can allow you to grow inside all year round.Even in dark and cold weather… :-) I’m going to test that this year. Making the wife mad in my apartment. :-) I’m testing to go off grid. Here we are nearing entering into winter and fall and I’m just getting my garden started in 12 inch pots…. It seems that the MJ industry is accelerating tech. I just want fresh tomatoes in winter.

    Look up vertical farming/gardening. Really interesting!



    Also consider building your own place. Make it well insulated and green. The old places just not up to snuff…

    There is always warm sunny Australia! :-)



    Hey thanks for the feedback.

    Yeah I think with a bit of land and growing vegetables and having a couple of cickens etc there would be enough to keep me busy, and warm I guess! I probably feel the cold more now because im not being active all day and sitting most of it.

    steverobertson – its comforting to hear someone has been in the same position and was mindfull enough to make the changes you needed. Most people suffer and put up with desk jobs that is killing them slowly.

    senorcoconut – that place looks amazing and a small comunity with everyone doing their bit and helping each other out would really be something amazing.

    markp1950 – your right we all need each other and actually i believe we are all conected, good friends and company is medicine for the soul and to have deeper meaningfull freindships is something im trying to work at instead of just doing lunch with people now and then. I dont really have many friends at the moment and the ones i do have have conflicting believes than me. Ill not go into it but religion is a big part of it. You bring up and interesting point about the importance of technology for off grid living and the benifits. I think a lot of people would think going off grid is going back to the dark ages.

    I am looking into building a passive house, they are expensive and require a long term comitment to staying in it to make it a worthwhile investment.

    Have a look at this place

    Looks nice eh?



    If you fancy a move to Devon…..

    I’m helping my son set up a permaculture project, but need others to share the land.

    Found a site of 7.5 acres for £18 -£20,000, we can get £7500, but need two others to pitch in the same with each having 2.5 acres.   07935868960 if you want to chat.<b></b><i></i><u></u>


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