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Home Forums DIY Converting a grid tied battery/inverter combo for off grid use?

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    Vinnie P.

    I currently have a 5.1 kw solar system set up on my rooftop. It has 18 Hyundai 285 watt panels, with a battery/inverter combo (check here for technical details if necessary).

    Now, I have another 8 Hyundai panels lying around and I was thinking that if I could easily convert my inverter for off-grd use, I could use that for a mobile PV setup and save myself the cost of buying an extra inverter.

    However, as I began looking into it, I realized that I am woefully ignorant on the subject. So, to humor me for this thought exercise, what would you recommend for a setup where I can utilize 8 285W panels for a mobile setup?

    I know this is just a hypothetical, so feel free to educate me on how it actually works. I’ve got a couple ideas on it, but I need advice from someone with more experience than myself. Let me know if it helps to provide any pictures of my setup.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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