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    Hey all!

    I’ve been thinking about going off grid my entire life and been doing serious reserch about it a lot in the last years.


    My big problem is that I don’t know where to do it and how to start.

    I’ve been living in Germany now for seven years. I hate the cold. I’m originally from Israel and I love warm weather- as warm as possible. I had the idea to visit Vietnam later this year to see how possible is it there.

    On the other hand I’ve seen very nice cheep plots in Portugal and it looks more promising since there’s a lot of online information about it. Another place I think about is Greece.

    Altho I am very attractive to less western areas of the world, It would definitely be easier to stay in this neighborhood since I got a passport and people speak english there.

    I feel like I am choosing a place to live and might also not have so much money or ability to do much traveling once I go off grid..

    Does anybody have information about those countries? For those of you who migrated somewhere to go off grid- what was your first steps? how would you go about picking a place to live?

    Thanks for reading. I’ll love it if you give me your opinion on this matters.


    Hi Pjeter, well, I can contribute my experience on a few places I tried, I suppose every input can potentially help…here in my answer to you I reduce it to my experience in Greece, but I wanted to share my other stories here on off-grid anyway, & will put it in a forum section where it fits.

    I lived in Germany quite long (too long, 34 years lol) great for summer holidays, but, as you say, too cold the rest of the year, and that without proper snow as in Scandinavia, which would be fun, instead Germans enjoy cold rain and “Schneematsch” best of the winter days ;) On top of that the rules and regulations turned me off to live there.

    I tried/tested some countries with the intention to find out if I want to stay/live there (DomRep,Greece,CanaryIslands,England); mostly 3 to 4 months….I would highly recommend that to you, as it doesn’t cost much as long term rental (non tourist tariff, simply negotiate) is cheap in most countries, and done over the german winter you don’t miss much ;)

    Greece on the mainland up north, not much tourists, cheap, lot’s of agriculture, nice mountain range in sight, Turkey and black sea in reach, some islands in boating range (Thassos & Samothraki) – problem I encountered which repelled me: though I knew a few people well who introduced me to the sometimes odd rules of life there, I disliked to not be able to read anything, nor ever really be able to learn the language. Also the Greeks up there are a very tight social bonded group, which isn’t easy to penetrate and doesn’t easily accept foreigners into their circle, without being married to a locals’ daughter or knowing the major it’s very hard to not be everyones target for trying to make money etc..don’t get me wrong, nice people, but it seemed that’s on the surface, and it needs more than just moving there to become a “local”. Finding a job would be very hard. Also very harsh rules regarding VAT & tax (though member of the EU, surprise!) when you bring valuables into the country, for example cars – not easy nor cheap to have them legal on the road.

    Did not want to sound too negative, but good stories about foreign countries are always easy to find ;)

    Best, Erik



    Hey Erick, Yea, actually thanks for sharing this experience! So were did you end up at the end?



    I am in England right now, simply because I earn good money for later, and switched mobile concepts slightly – I just posted my ‘long’ experiences here:  ;)

    But regardless, I recommend to everyone here to at least read two of Nicks’ books (Nick Rosen, the founder of this site), he interviewed soo many people who had the same thoughts as us, it’s priceless – they are all in his shop (not sure if he has one currently or the regular book merchant sites.


    NH Property

    Hi Pjeter,

    I hear what you’re going through… Kind of went through the same process, my only difference… living in only 1 place all my life doesn’t give me the option of comparing. So, my 2 cents comes down to location. For me, I’m still working, good job, so I don’t want to walk away from that.. just yet. So, the next best option in my mind is… something in close proximity to where I am.. I can vacation there, work on it, have fun and when the time comes sell here and move there.

    Not sure if that honestly gave you an answer OR just some food for thought.

    Good Luck


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