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    Hi. First post, so please go easy :) I have some mountainous wooded land in SW Virginia, about 20 minutes W of Blacksburg on VA 460. I have been planning to situate 2 ea 20′ cargo containers there for use as storage and workshop/repair space. Concrete piers are already installed. There is plenty of “roll-off” room. My (mostly unimproved) access road isn’t long, but there is one 150′ section that averages a 33% grade. It also can be a little muddy and slick, depending on recent precipitation.  I thought I had arranged for delivery of containers by roll-off trailer in November, but the seller chickened out when he saw the drive (even though I had taken pains to describe it to him accurately beforehand.) It *had* rained the day before, but he wasn’t even willing to return on a drier day. I own an F250 4×4 pickup that I previously used to pull a 5000 lb 20′ travel trailer up the drive, so I might be able to do the same with a 20′ container on a roll-off trailer, if I could rent one that put the entire package within my 7500 lb towing capacity. Barring that, I guess I need to rent a piece of “heavy” equipment that would be capable of hauling the container and trailer up my grade, and transferring the trailer from delivery vehicle to that piece of equipment on-site. That would seriously complicate the process unless I found two containers close enough that both could be economically delivered on the same day (since I would likely need the heavy equipment piece delivered to my site as well.) I’m a bit frustrated at the moment at the impediments I’ve encountered (including finding suitable containers for purchase that aren’t 150 or more miles away), since many articles I had read on-line led me to believe that such a thing was fairly commonplace. I’m curious about what others with an off-grid mind set have done regarding container purchase and delivery in a rural/remote/raw land mountain setting. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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