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    Been wanting to go off the grid. Tryed in the past alone. Way to much work alone. So looking for fellow Canadians that might want to do a group off the grid. If so best way to keep in contact is threw text. 7802160944. Plans is in 2 yrs max. Thinking lower Bc or alberta area for land.



    I live OTG west coast.  Remote island.  Very good.  Love it.  Suggestion: go be a WOOFer for awhile in the area.  Learn.  Buy local.  Most land is not listed.  You do not need a group.  Plenty of experience already out here.


    Coyote Flats

    I am off grid in northern Canada. It was -30 last night but it was warm and cozy in my cabin. I am really laughing about what people think off grid is. I just would say who cares do what you want.

    I am 55 years old male I’m looking for a mature person to share my cabin with and help with chores and minor expenses. I would prefer someone with greenhouse, garden and canning experience. This is all year long not just the summer. It can be long term as well.

    Of course you must be Canadian as it’s very hard to have anyone else longer than six months no offence to anyone .

    My cabin is 1200 square ft. It’s just as comfortable as most people’s houses. I’m located off a main highway  in the boreal forest. It has ell coverage ,sat TV.

    If you have a pet that’s fine I have two winter type dogs that stay outside. It’s a very nice area but the bugs are bad at times. I also have a house in town that you can stay on occasion. There is some work around but I’m looking for someone who is financially secure.

    At times you would be by yourself and I would teach you how to look after solar system etc. I have a lot of photos also. It’s a no stress life style it’s also practical to work here with a lap top as we can have Internet access. If you have been thinking about simple lifestyle this may be for you.

    Things to do are to many to mention.


    Regards Russ


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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