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    I was curious if anyone could suggest a great place to build a cob house? I know that I have to look into zoning restrictions and what not, but does anyone know of a community or does anyone have a place to suggest?

    Thank you in advance


    Thats a big question…I prefer desert type living with moderate temps. I purchased land in the western united states, based on what my needs/wants would be.

    Sitting down and figuring out what your needs would be is the real start..whats important to you. some tolerate cold and thrive and others prefer the warmer areas. Island living is ideal for some.

    My needs were climate,water resources,wind resources and solar. Now its desert and growing outdoors isnt much of an option so a green house would be in order. Hunting game in the area is a big option near my land. water resources are at a depth of 100ft, solar resources are 351 days per yr and wind is over 8mph average.


    Hey, we are in montana and are building an part earth ship part straw bale come spring. we are off grid and i built a little cabin to winter in.


    From what I understand Cob was used in Great Brittain, on the british isles, where there is lots of rain, fog and humidity. I think protecting the walls from moisture is the main concern. More water, means more extremes to protect the walls. Be ware of cement based wall coverings as they trap moisture because they do not breath. Lime plaster do breath. Large eves or even a porch all the way around is one solution. If in a wet area you may want to consider a bit of lime or cement in the cob mix, though thats just my idea, have not tested it.


    Oh off-griding in my opinion will be cheapest in a desert or arid region. It seems protection from water is one of the costlier expenses we have in life. But that’s from my viewpoint.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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