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    We have recently joined up with some folks to build an EcoVillage.  Some of us will be in vehicles, some will build private eco friendly houses from natural and recycled materials and some want to be in more communal homes built the same way.  There are 30 of us (as of now) going in on a piece of land that is a bit expensive, but we do have the rights to build all the crazy things we wanna build under a funny loophole in the building codes, and RV rights too!

    The place is a 75 acre horse farm (without the horses tho!) has a big barn that will be turned into a fabrication workshop/art school, a house and three apartments that will be rented to like minded folks.   We wanna have fun and be mostly off the grid but not outcasted in some mountain somewhere well away from civilization.   If you’re interested check out the mission statement here: we are still looking for more people to join.  You can also see “The People’s Caravan” as it explains a bit about how we found what we were looking for.

    Some of the community businesses to pay for the land will include renting the shared workshops, having an artist retreat, teaching DIY sustainability, dance, yoga, arts, survival skills, making biodiesel, kambucha and more to come.


    PS:  We are doers….this is happening now and the ball is rolling, so who’s in?

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