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    Sine Nomine

    _____Hey, people.
    _____Since this forum refuses to accept longer posts, I will keep it short here and at the end I will post a link to the Permies forum, where is the whole post as intended.
    _____Now, the reason for me to post this thread is this: I have decided to pursue my vision of living in sustainable community and so I am building one. At the time I am writing this, there are four of active members, me including, one of which, has a farm Qacha’s Nek, Lesotho, who want’s to rebuild it into off-grid community.
    _____What we need now are dedicated people with various skills, but even more importantly people with passion and willingness to learn. We need as many perspectives as possible and as many heads as possible. There are many subjects to cover, many researches to be made and many things to discuss and plan out and handful of people just isn’t enough to do it all.
    _____In case my words resonate with you, check this link:

    _____And here is a link, to my LandBuddy listing.

    _____Should you want to join our cause, just leave a comment here, at the Permies post or at my LandBuddy post.

    _____Thank you and Namaste.

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