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    Deb,last place we live was like that. Fire department ( volunteer) raised a bit of money by delivering a tanker truck load if you had a cistern or poly tank to store ot in.

    Many people drive one ton diesel pick ups for their forestry work so they have a 200 gallon tank in the back. You see them at the village well tap filling up every couple of days. Only the volunteer fire department and the community hall had potable water from very deep wells. Of those place that had a well many could not drink it because it smelled sulfurous. Taps and appliances clogged up etc. Washing machines and dishwashers seldom lasted more than 3 years. Coffee makers had to be replaced yearly of you used tap water. most people simply bought 5 gallon RO water in town for drinking and cooking. Being off-grid sometimes has its trials and tribulations.

    We had a dof that would bury everything as well. 12″ diameter and 2 feet or more deep. Toys and food bowls each in their own hole.

    desert deb

    I keep her on a leash at the trailer im afraid she will dig a big enough hole to sink it. She is a pistol. She likes to go to the trailer because she thinks she is loose and all the big dogs come down there when i do so she gets to play with the big boys and girls. About wrapped up chicky coop today, gotta scrounge somemore supports for it then roof with the metal, gonna put in a window too. Will help with winter heating and summer cooling. The wind has been horrible out here this week. I lost a ceiling hatch last night. Its in a zillion peices now. And it was cold. 26 degrees last night, but back to 60 today. Im ready for 80s again. Things breaking right and left on this rv gotta get moved. Then ill work on repairing it hopefully before monsoon or i will need a big bucket.

    desert deb

    Oh another weekend of high wind. Running 22mph today gonna gust to 50.glad i didnt get the garden in yet. But rain projected for sunday and monday, and we need it. Moved to mobile home this week, still settling in and putting away stuff. Dog and cat somewhat adjusted. Working on lot out side this week. Helped a friend build some coops and fence, for chicks and turkeys. Spent a day helping put up metal studs for their house, wow that goes fast. Have lattice panel to wire to the fence but it will have to wait until wind settles down. So another busy week next week. For those interested the sand filter works. Slow stream for garden watering, still need to add tub and laundry line to fill, maybe next week.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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