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    Hello ladies,

    If you are interested in survivalism, grow your own food, off grid, etc. and you are between 30 and 40 years old, with a slim, fit or average body type, brunette, no drugs, no smoking, family oriented, traditional, loving and caring, then you are going to be a very good match for me.

    Who am I?

    I am 46 year old (although people say I look at least 10 years younger), 5’6″ tall, fit, family oriented, good at anything I touch, honest, reliable, ambitious, loving and caring. I am respectful, non violent, no drugs, no smoking. I am recently separated (friendly separation, pending divorce on mutual accord). I was married once before, so I have 4 kids, 2 from the first marriage, that live in a different country and 2 from the second marriage (girls, 3 and 9), that are around in the weekends.

    I have a 4.5 acres farm with a 3 bdrm house on top of a finished basement with a separated 1 bdrm in-law suite, 2 car garage, barn, situated near Rice Lake in Ontario, Canada. There is still mortgage on it, so it’s not off grid yet, because while I have a mortgage I can’t cut the electricity off. Water is from own well and there is a septic tank. Basically the only bills are the mortgage with property tax included, cell phone, internet, insurance and I buy the furnace oil for heating until I can install some form of wood heating. I have a garden that I am expanding, some chickens. I want to build an all year round green house, but I can’t tend it and the bees at the same time. Yes, I do beekeeping. I have 65 hives, going towards 120 production hives and about 50-100 nucs per season. That would bring me a gross $50.000 a year with less than $10.000 in expenses. Until then, I also work in constructions in the city (GTA) during the winter time.

    I have my profile listed on a few dating sites but no one is interested in off-grid and survivalism stuff, so I thought I might have better chances to find someone here. It’s worth a shot. So, if you are interested, don’t be shy and let me know!


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