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    If you’re going to be caring for livestock you have to consider a lot of things; the space your livestock takes, their impact on their environment, their food conversion ratio, Diseases, etc. I’ve been researching this topic for a while with my friends who are into sustainable living and what we’ve come up with seems to be narrowed down to these 3.  Chickens, Rabbits, and Fish.

    Chickens are Great because they can help fertilize you crops, they don’t eat much, and eggs (Need I say more?) Rabbits are great too even though they may eat a little more than chickens; they breed so rapidly you wonder if you will have to worry about getting protein. That is if you can stand to harm something so cute.

    Fish on the other hand are a little more foreign to most people usually. I’m not sure why they are so often overlooked, especially since they are affected so little by diseases and even if they are, it is extremely rare they will have any effect on humans. If there is a local fish you like, it is already adapted to your climate and are a lot easier to farm than one would think. There is even a relatively new farming technique that integrates gardening and fish farming into a man made Eco-system. The food you feed your fish nourishes your plants and your plants care for your fish, you could even add plants that your fish enjoy eating effectively reducing your cost for food to nothing!.

    I made a little Youtube video of a system I got just for growing herbs in my kitchen. I didn’t see anyone discussing Aquaponics and if you’ve never heard of it you might be able to save yourself a lot of money that you may have spent elsewhere. This changed my opinion on sustainable living completely and a lot more people are going to this method everyday so check it out.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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