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    Hi all,I’m a 31 year old woman currently living in Hertfordshire and I’m looking to buy land in South Pembrokeshire next year as it is my ambition to live as self sufficiently and simply as possible. I have chosen South Pem because the soil is fertile, the Winters are mild and the land is relatively cheap. Ideally I would like to share this adventure with someone who is ideally around my age and who has skills that would be beneficial for creating an off grid life but we can learn along the way so that’s not a problem. I have so many ideas about what this kind of life could be. If you are interested, please get in touch and we can discuss further. Even better if you have land for sale in South Pem. Please no dreamers (as much I love to daydream) as I am very serious about going off grid next year.



    haha oops I misspelled Pembrokeshire in the header!



    hi , sound intresting for me, i am 28 and would be happy to talk with you
    here –



    Hello Dot!

    I’m very interested. I would be willing and able to help with a lot. I have no real experience with living off the grid but I have been looking into it for a year already and thinking about it for two years now. The only thing that has gotten in my way is the funds to buy some land. I’m a little younger at 26 years old, very passionate and interested in off-grid living and I would have virtually nothing holding me back from it.

    Being that I wouldn’t be able to contribute to the purchasing of the land I would be able to help you with as much manual labour through getting set up and maintaining the site with you.

    I’m currently living in London, but I have no idea how long I may stay living here, ideally I will have moved away from London by next year but it all depends on what life decides to throw at me next.

    I would love to get in touch with you and talk about this. If you could give me a way to get in touch that would be great.



    I tried contacting the person behind the website (Nick Rosen) in hopes that he will reach out to you to put us in contact or give you my email address so that I don’t have to give out my email address publicly. He said that he was very happy to so long as I send him a fee of $50.

    Instead I have chosen to look for another online community around this topic mostly because it feels very “designed” that there is no way to contact another user and he is charging $50 per email sent on my behalf to another user. Feels very underhanded … However. I will leave a dummy email here that I will check every week for a response.

    Hopefully you ‘Dotv’ will check this thread at some point and perhaps find the email. If you would like to get in touch with me, that will be the best way to make contact, as after this I won’t be visiting the site again so I hope the Nick guy doesn’t get upset and remove this post.

    The email address that you can reach me at:

    If you get in touch I will hand out my actual email and we can go from there. Anyone else local to the UK and wishing to do the same is very welcome to email me regarding a similar thing.



    Im curremtly in devon, but am keen. What would the plan be.etc as imnew to this but its something that thoroughly intrests me.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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