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    I just listened to the interview of this doctor and published author on Coast to Coast am (Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby), he discusses how to get along (and very well!) without antibiotics… unfortunately we are exposed way too often to antibiotics, even if you don’t buy and use them yourself, our foods are contaminated with them, specifically meats, antibiotics are fed to meat animals (even healthy ones) to help them grow bigger and faster, therefore we end up ingesting these medicines causing our gut flora to be out of balance.

    This link takes you to a page to download Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby’s eBook, How to Survive in a World Without Antibiotics, this book, with 219 pages, gives a bit of history on antibiotics and how to use other things besides antibiotics… this book normally goes for $29.99, for now it’s free so get it while you can.


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