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    Hey Guys

    Enjoying the site and forum very much, and I’m glad I can soon ‘officially’ join the off grid ‘club’. :-)

    I’m embarking on a complete life change, giving up a 25 year career and moving 500 miles from everything I know. All to try and live a more sustainable, less impactful, simpler and more fulfilling life. All the details and the story of the adventure can be found at

    It would be great to receive any help, advice, encouragement and support from you all. I’m sure, once I’m in the full throws of it all, I’ll be posting questions pleading for advice on all sorts of things, ranging from growing vegetables, through livestock (chickens and goats at first I think), to making cider (a very important part of the adventure!).

    But, until then, I hope you enjoy reading all about the plans, preparations and place, on my blog. :-)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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