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    Each day more and more people around the planet are waking up to the truth about the type and extent of misunderstanding of the meaning of life we have all been driven into by the global political and economic concept. That’s a very good sign. The problem, however, is that the man, once awakened, still finds himself surrounded by difficult circumstances that do not allow him to enjoy freedom and to prosper by exploiting almost endless immensity of opportunities offered by the combination of the world’s nature and both instinct and creativity of 7 billion souls.

    While I am carefully observing how other individuals – unsatisfied with the dominant widely publicized definition of money and explanation of the purpose of human existence – approach the transition towards self-reliance and autonomous self-management, at the same time I am also making something on my own in order to reconnect myself with the real me and to start living a life of my choice:

    Car/motorcycle dealer & designer/builder wanted for agritourism farm

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