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    I’m a thirty-one year old male. I currently live in a large city and dating sites have pretty much failed me as far as helping me find a partner that has the same goals in mind. I’m white, 5′ 10″, 235 lbs (working on it, but I’m fairly muscular), blue eyes and brown hair and don’t have trouble getting dates. My problem is that I can’t find anyone with the same goals that I have. I’m straight, I do want a family and several children of my own. I’m an atheist, so some Christian folks have been a bit biased (no offense to those that are, I respect others’ beliefs so long as they respect mine) toward me in my experiences. I want to live in a second residence in a city (for business) and have a primary residence off the grid within 200 miles. I’ve planned this out in detail, specifically but more so for being able to implement the same plans anywhere. I’m a bit of a prepper, but not for any specific thing. I don’t see SHTF, WROL or “TEOTWAWKI” around the corner, just the Scout’s motto of “Be Prepared” makes a lot of sense to me, especially as I’ve gotten older and more mature. I’m financially stable and that’s improving every month. I plan on continuing to diversify and continue with my small business ventures and Internet-based business ventures. Money is an object, but I’m not a McDonald’s cashier if you know what I mean. Politically I’m fairly libertarian and somewhat conservative though more independent than anything.


    Any advice for dating, finding a partner or others’ experiences with getting your partner involved in moving off the grid?



    Hey, Thomas. Have you tried I saw an ad for it on TV this past week, thought it was a joke for SNL, looked it up and it’s legit. Also, “Birds of a Feather”…you might want to attend some Tiny House workshops or outdoor get-togethers that feature your interests. It takes a special kind of woman to give up what our ancestor’s fought so hard to obtain for their kid’s and grandkid’s, but some Gen X and Y women are into the Less Carbon Footprint. I see their videos on youtube all the time. Best of Luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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