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    Hello! Does anyone have experience of living off the land along the coast in Britain, specifically Scotland? Perhaps you could share your thoughts and experiences, and any tips you could offer.

    Our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have hugged the coastline before moving further inland along river beds, and there’s a reason for this – the coast apparently has the most abundant food sources (especially plants and shellfish) and plenty of water (via desalination) and is perhaps the least challenging environment in which to live off the land, compared to woodland, heath, etc., although each environment will have uniquely positive and negative aspects.

    Concerns: Finding enough wood for fire; Living through winter.

    My current plan is to take several trips to the coast and stay a little longer each time in order to develop the necessary skills and desensitise myself to a coastal way of life.

    Thoughts, problems, and advice are welcome!



    My advice always carry a small solarsystem with you so you are always connected to power .FYI .Sunraiden has a great solarinverter/charger its powerful enough it comes in a 1000 watt or less depending on your needs easy to install and use

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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