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    Hello all, I just took care of a ton of spam, I am sorry that I wasn’t able to take care of it as it was happening, there is a spam catcher that is supposed to do a better job that that, apparently it was not working properly or the spammer(s) knew some trick to get past it. I think I got most of it, hopefully all of it deleted, if I missed something, please email me with a direct link to the spam message.

    I posted a message previously requesting that if anyone saw spam on the forum, to email me directly instead of replying to the message, by replying and challenging the spammer, that merely keeps the spam message at the top of the forum as new messages/replies, something that is not productive for the forum, but something that the spammers like, honestly most of the time when someone posts blatant spam, they don’t come back to read the message or reply, they are usually hit and run, never to revisit THAT post again.

    The reason for my extended absence, this was no pleasure trip for me, my father passed away, I had to travel 500 miles to be with him during his last days, and to stick around long enough to take care of the business that goes along with that sort of thing. I was very close with my father, growing up we had always dreamed and planned about living off the land, it really never happened for us, but it did create an interest in living like I do now (off grid). He had participated in as much of this as he could, he would come out every summer and spend a month, from the first days of living in tent before the sky castle was built, to getting his own bedroom when he came to visit, he was able to come out each year for the last 4 out of 5 years. This summer he was just too sick and weak to make it. Congestive heart failure and pneumonia finally took its toll on him.

    I feel fortunate that he passed peacefully with the majority of his family around his bedside, I was right there, giving words of comfort and praying. The funeral was actually quite good, more like having a church meeting than a funeral, complete with an alter call :) My dad was an old preacher.

    Needless to say, between having limited internet access and with everything going on, I was not able to spend the time checking this forum for spammers, it just wasn’t on the top of my list of things to do… I just got home after driving 8+ hours, I wanted to check the forum before going to bed (it’s 3 am)…

    So anyhoo, I’m back, and shouldn’t be gone again for extended periods of time, at least I hope not, not for a long time. :)

    Anyone here can contact me with forum issues here:


    you should be able to figure out how to make that work.


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