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    Hello all,

    First off I’d like to introduce myself, my names Kyle. I’m a 30 year old graphic designer of 15 years who’s been struggling with forcing myself to live a modern lifestyle in a society I truely do not enjoy. Currently I’m living in Casa Grande, Arziona (Central Arizona), ever since growing up in Wyoming, I’ve loved everything nature has to offer, even the harsh winters were some what enjoyable in north western Wyoming. Anywho – I’ve forced myself to live a lifestyle I don’t want to pursue anymore. I’ve always felt out of place in a urban setting yet have never actively had the chance to attempt or learn off grid living, but have had the passion for it since a little boy. I have been contemplating trying to live OG on a 4 acre plot my friend currently owns in Olympia, Washington, but things have fallen apart there and honestly, I have no idea where to start.

    I’m an avid fire arm enthusiastic, love the out doors, and actually enjoy working – I do pride myself on having a work ethic even if I hate the work I’m forcing myself to do. I quit this last job two months ago and have been struggling to readjust and keep forcing this mentality upon myself that its 2015 and you HAVE to live a modern, dependent lifestyle. Forcing this upon myself I’ve become a bitter shell of what my youth was and am looking for a more meaningful life. I’ve been a huge fan of survival, outdoors, prepping, hunting, anything nature related, outter space, science, you name it, and would LOVE to learn more but actually doing.

    I’m looking to get away from this modern lifestyle and help support others and myself in a way that living should be done, by actually living. I’m a hard worker whos willing to learn the tricks of the trade for a sustainable lifestyle, please, if you’re looking for an open-minded, fun loving, bitter, sarcastic, artistic, outgoing personality with a willingness to learn everything there is to not be dependent upon consumerism, please, email me at I understand transitioning will be difficult but I’m 100% willing to do this.

    Thank you in advance
    Kyle B

    edit: Interesting this forum picked up an old avatar I used for an online game

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