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    Im a normal 20yo male, I have had 3 jobs , I have had girlfriends, I go out and drink with mates once a week etc etc im not religious in any way I simply cant find anyone in my circle of friends willing to live off grid ( tbh I have never asked, seems weird). everyone thinks it Is crazy. If you live in the uk or willing to come to the uk,( i am very open to going anywhere in Europe to live tho) and are a normal fairly young male/female and aren’t a weird hippy or something then email me at Don’t mind putting all the money up as long as it is with a person/persons I can trust and get along with. Could Skype first or preferably meet up for a pint or something first. anyway let me know . literally just made this account so sorry if I did things wrong but I tried !!!!! CHEERS LADS.


    Normal? What is that? :)

    Good luck with your venture, keep us updated about how everything goes…. just curious, what got you interested in doing this?




    Hi James, good to read your post.  Yep, we’re quite an unusual bunch, so actually you’re far from normal lol :-)

    I’m living off-grid in Sussex, what part of the country are you in? – I know one or two people that are into it, but not many. I do know one young couple who are interested. What ideas do you have about where are how to do it?

    Good luck with it anyway,



    Hmm normal, not really, i mean, i fancy converting a horsebox, or a double decker bus into a home and living in it in a field, and or travelling Europe in it. Mates think I’m mad. I know I am!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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