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    Recently moved to AZ and am setting up a PV system. Can purchase 2 volt 1110 AH batteries for nearly same price as 6 volt 370 AH ones. Why wouldn’t I go with the higher AH batteries for my system?



    That depends if you have enough PV to keep them charged properly..




    If you buy three 2 volt batteries and wire them in series you will have 6 volts at 1110 AH. Or you could buy three 6 volt batteries and wire them in parralel and you will have 6 volts at 1110 AH. So it is pretty much whatever you want to do….

    Good Luck!




    I have never seen a 6VDC inverter! How many thick cable connections do you want to make?($$$) How much room do you have?



    Hi…as per my knowledge RC is measured in minutes @ 25A power draw, so 120 means the batteries will be completely dead (10.5v) after two hours of use with a steady 25A load. In practice a typical marine/RV battery would be somewhat damaged if you actually ran it down to 10.5v, but RC is a laboratory measure. RC and AH are used for battery comparison, not estimates of practical run time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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