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    I have 100 acres of land in Iowa. This fenced off property is full of trees and wild life, including small creeks running through it. Today I put in a huge garden and fenced it off. I am also planning to put in a well and a pond. I have two 40ft structures going underground for storage and winter survival for two per unit. I have chickens, some of which drop two eggs a day. I’m also planting tons of fruit bearing trees and bushes. Nobody is currently living on the land I’m just setting up some basic necessities before I make the move out there. So far it would be my wife and I and one other couple. However, the more people we have contributing to this (mentally, physically, or financially) the easier and faster we could set this up.

    I would like to move out there within the next 3 months for sure. I plan on having the best eco village that has ever existed. I will achieve this by having the proper investments, the “right people” living there with me, and a good basic system of living, where everyone contributes in one way or another. All four of us moving out there are in our young 20’s and are in great shape, mentally and physically.

    If you are interested in Creeks, Fruit Trees, Hand Pump Well, Raspberry Bushes, Honey Bees-honey, Outdoor Gun Range, Organic Garden Area, Fire Pit/Cooking Area, 2 Acre Stocked Pond, 1000 Blueberry Plants, Medicinal Herb Garden, Bow/Arrow Target Area, Daily Eggs From Free Range Chickens and like minded company then please send me an email @ and let me know how you can contribute :) !



    Please also tell me a little about yourself in the email. Thanks



    I sent you an email. I am very interested in helping you with an eco-village.



    Hi SolarPlex89. Am curious as to how your community is shaping up.



    For sure most of the villagers and the community will now have things they have been demanded ever since, achieving eco friendly community and sustainable resources. On behalf of BioGas Equity 2, we always salute green living ideas.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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