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Wow wingler, you are some sort of ignorant aren’t you? Apprently you didn’t actually read or try to comprehend what kind of book I try to intend. I’m not writing a book about what switches you need to flip, what wires you need to cut up, what technical details a person needs to get up and running for an off grid home. Its a book that has the basics off all available ideas, technologies, and just goes over the BASIC PRINCIPLES of such things. A person doesn’t need to fight in a war to write about. News reporters don’t need to be climatologists to report about climate change. I don’t need to live in an off grid outhouse somewhere in Arizona to tell people that you can make energy from the sun, and collect rainwater. People can figure out how to build a boat themselves, but first they need to know that building a boat is even an option.
Sorry you don’t want to give help me at all, apparently I haven’t “proved” myself enough to be allowed into the “off-grid shaolin clan”. Guess i’m not cool enough for the cool kids, apparently I need to overcome the Rite of Passage, walk on coals, and cover myself with flesh eating ants before Elder Chief bwingler will give me an interview and tell me his experience of living off grid. I AM NOT WORTHY! I AM NOT WORTHY OF YOUR ALMIGHTY PRESENCE OH GREAT AND WISE BWINGLER OF THE ARIZONA OFF-GRID PORT-A-POTTY CLUB!