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Glad it’s working for you Sylvia, I love shopping mom & pop places, we have a few of them where I live (20 miles to the nearest town with 1 tiny grocery store, 40 miles to the next town with 2 medium small grocery stores, not much else to choose from, oh and all 3 grocery stores are owned by the same people/company), things do tend to cost more out here but it’s the distances the products have to come to get here, you have to weigh the cost of the local item to the cost of the fuel to be able to buy cheaper…

As I said, I get to town (the one that is 3 hours away) about once every other month, I’m driving another person (I’m her caretaker) so we are going to dr appts, then whatever time is left is devoted to shopping, there is usually enough time to hit Sam’s and WalMart (they are next to each other), we try our best to have shopping lists so we aren’t just wandering through the store trying to remember what we need… quite frankly we don’t have the time to drive all over town looking for other stores to shop, it’s often after midnight after we get back as it is.

I do wish that town had a whole foods market type store, I would shop there, but would still hit WalMart and Sam’s Club to get the things I couldn’t get there (especially the bulk items).

Our closest town is about to open a real mom & pop place, they are in the process of getting their store stocked and hopefully will open soon, it’s going to be like a country general store, I will shop there and hopefully they will be able make it, I know the locals are excited about them. They had a pre-opening open house one Saturday many months ago, I went and the main thing they were doing was taking requests for what to carry, they seem like really nice folks, the prices they have in their store is a bit on the steep side though, but as I said before, you have to balance paying higher prices locally vs the fuel costs of getting it cheaper elsewhere.