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Like Beast said, you don’t just go to the woods and think anything is going to just work out. Living may be hard, but dying is damn easy.

Assuming you haven’t done any real camping yet: A really good start – go camp in the woods for 2-3 days. Bring a tent, sleeping bag, plenty of food, everything you might need, (borrow it all if you have to, and camp where you are not to far from your vehicle and extra supplies). If that goes OK, go to the wilderness for up to a week. After that, everything will start to make a LOT more sense. You say you have close to zero experience, so if you have never even camped at a campground for longer then overnight, you probably ought to start with that. There is a good chance you will be really surprised at how it all goes, and I can guarantee a serious education will result.

It takes a LONG time to become a Grizzly Adams type. Everything comes at a cost, exactly what that cost may be is usually not readily apparent. Start off by making sure what this is you want, finding out what you will put up with (you will probably surprise yourself), and what it is you can reasonably attain. It may or may not end up being what you want, but please take this easy opportunity to find out before committing to anything more than a few days of time and a few bucks worth of canned food.