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Home Forums General Discussion Whats wrong with living as our grand parents and great grand parents did? Reply To: Whats wrong with living as our grand parents and great grand parents did?


My grandparents lived on a lake in northern Minnesota.  At first with just an outhouse, but a little later with a regular bathroom and cesspool.  The cesspool was still too close to the lake and the outhouses are illegal in many places.   They had a shed with straw to hold ice cut from the lake, but eventually got an electric refrigerator.  Lots of fish, and game back then, and fields of wild strawberries.  Good garden, too, and fresh dairy from across the road, where I had one of my first jobs for 50 cents an hour removing to the edge of the field glacial rocks that would come up every spring, and herding the cows to the barn, and stacking hay bales.

With subsequent overpopulation the game and fish are low in many places they were abundant.  Many old homesteads were powered by coal fired power plants many miles away.  They didn’t have true composting toilets, low water use appliances, low power use appliances and lights, or vehicles that got high mileage.  They didn’t have solar panels, or the internet.   I remember the old dial phones huge black and white TVs when they came out, ice boxes, all Americans, and mainly a population less than half of now.

So we don’t live like our grandparents did, except to grow gardens, have a self built house, and being relatively independent in other ways like all solar power, and living in the country, but up in the mountains.