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Home Forums General Discussion Whats wrong with living as our grand parents and great grand parents did? Reply To: Whats wrong with living as our grand parents and great grand parents did?


The funny thing being LABELED a dooms day Prepper and a survivalist makes me laugh.   Yes I prepare for bad and hard times (extra food and water, ammo and the everyday needs of a human), but get asked whens the end coming?  I always reply ask God for only He knows.

Why did we decide to go back in time??   Well the simple life is so much easier once you establish your plan and stick to it.   Why alternate power?  Tired of spending money on something that isnt stable and has Governmental controls.  Why not use what the Good Lord gave us and the technology to use it.  A off-grid home is very advanced to a standard wired to the grid home, so much more efficient.

Why waste my mind and brain watching TV and listen to radio when I have nature as my TV and Radio.  How did mankind lose touch with this.  The peacefulness of nature is amazing, to it and watch wild animals walk through your yard and field, to see a bald eagle fly over your home.  To look up at night and see a million starts with no haze or city lights to cover them up.   I dont know why I would want this type of life.   Can’t seem to figure it out.  IF you can help me find a reason to stay connected to the world please give me the research so I can review it.   But as of right now the simple life my grandparents had is what I so desire.   Getting ever so close to this reality.  less than 4 grand will make this come true.

If your rich and want to adopt me and give me my dream I will gladly accept it and be ever grateful BUT dont expect me to come visit you to much, you best just come visit me.  (giggle).

God Bless and thanks for reading my thoughts and rants.