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And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Hi, LivingitNow: BAM!!! Well, you caught my inexperience in the S & M community! ~snort~ Of course there’s rules. I’m such a nob. ~ blush~

Oh, how I feel for you with your list of what you’ve encountered!!! Honestly, doesn’t it feel good to share that? My best friend, who is my crewforeman and male, we have 2-3 time per day chats where we pour our feelings out about crap; then go home to our spouses, all the healthier for it! I’m a licensed contractor and landscape architect and over half of what you wrote, I’ve heard. Sad to say, I have a strict policy about hiring: NO WHITE PEOPLE!!!! Now, I’m as “white” as you can get: Swedish/Finnish. But, it seems that the vast majority of white people can’t/won’t do physical labor any longer!!! It’s what MADE America what it is but boy, those days are long gone, except for the tiny community of true off gridders who know what a good day’s work feels like. I get the following: 1) Why do I have to start at 7:00 a.m.? (Because it’s going to be 101 degrees today, fool!) 2) Is that sh!t? Seriously? You use THAT in gardens!? (It’s called ‘manure’, and yes!, we use it in our gardens 3) I didn’t realize that I’d get this dirty/sweaty/smelly. (Let’s see: your working in soil, mulch and manure, planting and weeding in the sun, and you didn’t think you’d get ‘dirty’???) 4) I don’t work in a) the rain; b) in the cold; c) when it’s cloudy; d) after 4:00 p.m. (Okay, see ya!)

All year long, when the temps are 72 degrees and it’s a balmy breezy day, I get fools coming up to me: “Oh how I’ve always wanted to do your job! Do you have any openings?” I smile and tell them, “Gee, sorry, I have no openings right now…for WHITE folks!” My 17 man crew is legal Hispanic, some have been with me for over 20 years and they are the kindest, hardest working, nicest guys to spend my day with. NEVER complain. Work harder than they have to! I force them to take breaks, as they think they’re “weak” if they take too many. What happened to the Swedes, Poles, Germans, Irish, Finns, Italians, etc., that cleared the forest, built the bridges, farmed the fields, built the towns, built the rail roads, mined the orrs….what the heck happened to us? Everyone wants to be a Day Trader or a Code Builder for Games, that’s what. Clean hands, flabby bodies that they take to the gym, and bored stiff.

If I were 40 years younger and newly married, I’d come join your way of life, LivingitNow. I’d have to had married a different man, however, as my current honey is Scottish and a townie, for sure. He can deal with rural grid living but wouldn’t live a second, off grid. ;) Missouri is a gorgeous state! I have many friends who hail from there and go back several times a year to visit ‘the folks’.

I’ve enjoyed today’s conversations with you. You’re a nice break inbetween the batches of cookies I’m baking for church tomorrow.