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Hey, leahh, out of respect for your beginning this topic, this post addresses your needs. START SMALL!!!!! and NETWORK!!!!! Do your kids belong to a child care centre? Ask other single parents if they are interested in your dream. There must be Community Gardens in your area; heck, they’re everywhere in Chicago, from poor to wealthy neighborhoods. Learn to grow crops and solict those people to come along on your desire to live off grid. Can you do it in steps? Find a large house to rent for 3-4 single parents in the city/suburbs, see how you get along, move further out and then finally be off grid. Initially, I thought you had restricted your search to single moms but I see you’ve now added single parents, which means either male or female. What happens if some of your single parents decide to “hook up” and cause fights, pettiness, or go their own way, taking 2 or more single parents with them? Will their be a security deposit they forfeit? What’s the back up plan?

I have three grown children and 6 grandchildren. In one day, they can be laughing and tumbling for joy, only to be in Children’s Hospital by 2:00 p.m. with a 101 degree temperature! What happens to those precious babies of everyone’s if you’re really OFF the grid? Will their always be a car available? How far will the hospital be located where you still feel that you’re off grid enough?

These are some of the realistic tough questions that must be asked and answered before one foot is stepped onto off grid living.