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‘@Cahow….you are welcome….but you are WAY TOO FUNNY…your Paris analogy was great. (LMAO)

We have advertised our Homestead (even here on off-the-grid) and we have heard so many of the things you mentioned  We even offered a 15 year long term lease for FREE use of 1/2 to 1 acre of land for a living site and free use and access to the rest of the 18 acres in regards to the animal pens and garden area so people wouldn’t have to duplicate their efforts.  We only required physical labor to support the goals of the Homestead.  The complaints so far: 1.  “you mean I have to work there just to use the land?”    2.  “Do I have to get up early to work?; I like to sleep in”   3.   I don’t want to live somewhere where there are rules; that is what I trying to get away from.  4.  How come I can’t do drugs there;? is my land to use, right?”  5.  I want to live off grid but I don’t want to use a sawdust toilet.  6.  I will need a ride to town to work; is that a problem?  7.  What do you mean I can’t bring my 5-7 dogs; only 3 are Pitbulls. 8.  I won’t have to share what I have with anyone else; right?  9.  Well, I want to come but my spouse doesn’t want to; can I come and try it out while you put me up with food and shelter?  10.  You do have adequate living quarters for my wife and 3 kids …right?  11.  I just want a Hobbit Hole to hide in; I don’t want to interact with anybody.  11.  “You have too many rules”  12.  “Well, let me know when your Homestead is fully up and running and then maybe I will consider coming.  13.  I don’t have money for food; will you be able to feed me/us?  14. Does it snow there? I don’t like the cold or snow.

That is a sampling of some of the responses.  In view of the fact they say they are looking for either off the grid or self sustaining, many of the responses are just funny. Many do not respond after being sent our INFO sheet on our Homestead.

We don’t care though as when we started our Homestead,  we always planned to do it alone.  We are realistic enough to realize that it will be hard to find a person/family that would match how we live and who we are.  It is hard enough to do that after getting married and living in a normal life style. (LOL)

I would argue one small point you made about rules in your post.  You implied that there are no rules in a Dom/Sub relationship; I would say that from a Sub’s point of view, there are many many rules and from the Dom’s point of view, he/she have rules to follow to make it safe and successful. (lol).  I couldn’t find anything else wrong with your logic so I took a stab at that. (LOL)

But you are correct; there are always rules around; even when we are alone, the rules of science and physics are there (lol). I can imagine some of these dreamers trying to defy the rule of gravity. (lol)

Although we moved from up north to Missouri, we didn’t do it because of the cold.  But, it is interesting that so many people want an off the grid lifestyle with hardly any large temperature changes.

What we have come up with is that most “lookers” don’t have their major priority as living off the grid and be self sustaining.  If they did, the location of where they want would not be the major driving force.  I agree with you; many are day-dreamers not just dreamers.  That is a big diference. I wonder how our West would have been won if the families leaving St Louis in their wagon trains asked many of the same questions asked by the “dreamers” of today? (smile)  I guess the Native Americans would have been happier.