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Pahana Tribe

‘@ Leahh

Just some input on a UTAH level. We are relocating back to Texas after living here for 3+ years and I would recommend you take that off the list. The zoning is tough in most areas, the economy is really only good (jobs wise) in the Salt Lake area and the local click (people related, went to school together or Mormon followers) is hard to penetrate… meaning community is very hard to establish and work wise the locals favor the people they grew up with regardless of better work habits, reliability or talent.

Just our observation but I would recommend WA if you want to stay west coast. We had been set to go there until friends / family contacted us from Texas to tell us things had improved. We did a lot of research and jobs wise, green build wise, off grid and land in the upper N.E. area is reasonable.

Just for us E. Texas is a better fit, plus we own 3 lots in W. Texas so when they succeed we will not need passports LOL

Hope that helps :)