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Pahana Tribe

LOL I love that name… Well Hippyman nothing wrong with your idea and a Earthship is a great home…

However that said its a expensive build unless your a major recycler and able to spend a great deal of time scrounging.

If your on a tight budget I would suggest a earthen hobbit house to start… A: The insulation factor will help in both the extreme summer heat and mild but chilly winter, the rocket stove mass heater system is also easy, affordable and will provide heat and a cooking space immeadiatly with very little wood for fuel.

If you have inherited land that is a huge plus but find out about water suply. A well can be expensive if there isnt already one there and lugging water although doable eats gas and is a constant pain. Also check local building codes for septic… I say this because THAT is another big expense… Some area allow composting toilets if you construct them properly…

Outside of that these things could make the build easier… If there are shade trees a camper / trailer will do while you build but planning is essential and location determines a lot of the planning.