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I found the write up on your cabin on Mother Earth News’ site, I don’t take the mag anymore, used to, miss it… and wow, kudos to you! It looks really good :)

As for us, things are going pretty well, PB has been working on the sky castle again, I’m sure you know how this goes, he works on something for a bit, then has to wait to be inspired to start something else, fortunately it doesn’t take much to get him inspired…

I do hope you will make and upload plenty of videos of you working on your new projects and workshop, can’t wait to see what you are up to, just watched your video about your neighbor’s log cabin, I agree with you, they look cool, and if that’s what you have to work with, it will get the job done, but they aren’t good on insulation or keeping the creepy crawlies out… our creepy crawlies are starting to get active again, I think I was “attacked” by a kissing bug tonight, it flew and landed on my upper shoulder, it was dark so I couldn’t see it very well, I thumped it off of me. They are a problem around here in spring and summer. Do you have problem insects and other creepy crawlers where you live?