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We started to look for a place in BG about 2 years ago.  Bg is a diverse country, the landscape can change from flat plain to mountains it just 20 minutes driving, so choosing where to live can be interesting.  Also the weather is Mediterranean in the south and in the north it can be dominated by the cooler weather from the north.  So summers can be 40 dec and the winters -20 dec.

The people are wonderful but you have to realise that they survived being invaded by various empires and communist era dominated by the USSR.  The country feels like its stuck in the 1950’s but with internet access.  The village houses all have land 1000m to 2500m would cover most of them. They are very self reliant and reuse nearly everything, but they are not “eco,” friendly and would find an “eco community,” very funny/odd.

Best thing to do is fly into Plovdiv, hire a car and drive around.  Don’t go by estate agents prices they are inflated. Every village has old abandoned houses for sale.  I came to look at 2 houses and by the end of the day I had seen 8 houses!