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I am a single woman, my three kids are now older and the two oldest are moving out and on with their lives. My son (17) and I presently live in a 3000 sq ft house (ridiculous) He wants to help me and together build an earthen house and live off the grid. I have shown him the cob style houses and hobbit houses and we have decided on a plan. We are in Canada….and trying to get past the bullsh*t rules and regulations is going to be a challenge!!  I don’t want to pay the extreme hydro (electricity) bills but they tell me “by law” even if I don’t use it I have to run it to the house and wire my place for it!!! WTH! Trying to simplify my life….reduce my debt load, live to live!! not work to live! I was thinking that wind turbines might be better than the solar panels….but am not sure. I have lived off the grid before when I was younger and I presently heat only with wood. Any advice would be great!

Do you find it hard on your own? Are you on a farm? or rural area?  what kinda house do you live in? Sorry…if I’m being too noisy! :/