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Hi everybody

I am new here, and started my prepping for doign  a transition.I would apreciate any useful info you  share.

I am in the beginning of the way. I am learing  online premaculture, reading about diffderent communities in the different parts of the world.

I found WOOF website, for organizing internship ( Mostly interested in eco- villages in NZ).  I am kind of lost in the tonns of info in internet.

Could somebody give me  a hint, where to start and what to do?

What would you do differently if you would start all over again? How to choose place? What skills you would learn before  moving? How much savings you would prefer to have before  doing a transition.

How would you choose community?

What about kids? ( I have a teenage daughter).What is the best way for schooling?

Thank you so much in advance, Guncha